The Manx

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The Manx

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Registration number: HK20233537

Why did I start breeding the Manx?
The answer is simple; it’s a form of therapy. I lived with a Belgian Malinois for 7 years and 1 year with another Malinois. Once they were gone, Banz’aï (my French Bulldog) and I suddenly found ourselves feeling very lonely.
I felt that he was feeling depressed as I was, and naturally I thought about having a new little companion for him, but not a dog... I didn’t have enough energy to take care of a second dog...but then what? A cat? I don’t like cats... They are independent, only know you when it’s feeding time and they don’t like dogs in general... What do to do?
So I started researching the Internet about “needy” or “dog-like” cats. I came across the Manx and it was obvious! This was the cat for me! The Manx had the behavior of a dog while having the advantages of a cat (not going out in the winter :-D)
While reading more about the breed, I realized that it was a rare breed due to birth complications.
After thinking more about it, I said to myself that I was not only going to provide Banz’aï with a life companion but I was going to try and help the breed at the same time through a small scale breeding.
At the same time, I hope to provide people who are hesitant of adopting a dog, a life companion that can provide them with all the love that every human being needs.

Why RoMan’s Cats & Co?

« Ro » stands for Roxane, « Man » stands for Manx (it is also his purebred cat’s code) and « & Co » is because of Banz’aï, my little french bulldog.
There is also a double pun as on one hand, they are my little buddies and on the other hand this breed gives so much love that we could perfectly talk about a romance…

My Manx

My female is « tailed", that is, she has a completely normal length of tail while the male is « rumpy", that is, totally tailless.
They are both purebred, this means they do not have British ancestors (Shorthair or Longhair) in their pedigree. Having both breeders purebred is extremely rare here in Europe...
The breeding of Manx, especially in Europe, is complicated because on one hand, this feline is rare and besides he, unfortunately, has his share of detractors who try to prevent by all means his development because, according to some, it is "an abomination"; a cat without a tail simply should not exist, while for others, his missing tail would cause him multiple suffering. Regarding this last allegation, it is important to point out that there are no studies that have been able to confirm these accusations.
What I can tell you, however, is that my Manx are in great shape!