Before adopting, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you ready to take care of a cat for the next 15-20 years? Cats generally have a long lifespan and many can live up to 20 years old!
  • Will you be able to play with your cat every day? This is especially important for cats who spend their time indoors as these play times are a source of exercise and stimulation.
  • Will you have time to groom him? Regular care will be necessary and can take time.
  • Do you have a cat-loving neighbor or friend who could take care of him if you need to go away?
  • Are you allergic to cats?
  • Do you have enough money to own a cat? Think about food, baskets, accessories for scratching, toys, dishes, veterinary fees ...
  • If you already have pets, do they get along with cats?
  • Are you ready to take necessary steps to secure your garden if you let him out?
  • If you are a tenant or co-owner, do you have the right to own an animal?
  • Have you considered that a cat could damage some of your furniture? And are you ready to secure its indoor environment?
  • For this particular breed do you have another animal (cat, dog, ...) to keep him company when/if you have to leave?

How to adopt a kitten

If the kitten is not yet born, reservations can be made by signing up on the waiting list ( Your registration will be accepted once I have had a discussion with you regarding your adoption project and after having received an initial payment of 125 euros. If no kittens are born within the year of your payment, then you will automatically get a refund. However, changing your mind will result in the loss of your payment.

If the kitten is born, reservations can be made after the kitten is 6 weeks old. This ensures me that it is healthy and can help me find out their temperament. This also allows me to better guide you. Visits for reservation are by appointment only.

Depending on the price of the kitten, another payment of at least 350 euros is required. This can be made via bank transfer, a reservation contract will then be sent.

The following hygiene measure must be followed:

  • - Wearing shoe protections (provided by the cattery)
  • - Disinfecting your hands prior to touching anything or anyone
Please wait my signal before touching the kittens, to avoid being attacked by the mother of
the kittens.


As a pet in Belgium, the starting price is 1.350 euros. Depending on the rarity of the phenotype or the quality of the kitten, the price will increase.

Factors to take into account in regards to the price:
  • - Neutering
  • - Electronic chip
  • - EU pet passport
  • - Vaccines at 2, 3 and 4 months
  • - Typhus (Feline Panleukopenia)
  • - Coryza (against the calcivirus [FCV] and feline herpes [FHV])
Vaccines against leukosis and rabies are done upon request with an additional fee. My cats do not go out and are not in contact with other cats. Rabies vaccine is only needed when leaving the Belgian territory.
  • Deworming (around 2 months)
  • External anti-parasites until they leave the cattery (from 6 weeks and then carried out once a month)
  • Copy of tests (FIV, FeLV, PKD) recent copy of cardiac ultrasound of the parents
  • Pedigree (without British Shorthair/longhair ancestry)
  • Certificate of conformity in compliance to article 30 of the royal decree of 27 April
  • 2007 in regards to the recognition of establishment and the conditions for the
  • marketing of animals.
  • Certificate of good health issued by the veterinary I work with
  • A sales contract
  • Significant renovations done in the house for the well-being of the cats
  • Arrival of the breeders
  • Mandatory vet visits required by Bruxelles Environnement (every three months)
  • Food consumed until their adoption: high quality kibble - therefore expensive - and wet food
  • Cat litter used
And of course, their socialisation and familiarisation

These are only a fraction of the actual costs that the cattery has to face. There are many other costs that need to be taken into account (social laws, expected/unexpected vet costs, creation and hosting website, advertisement, cat shows, grooming, equipment and cleaning products,...)

Contact & Registration

If you want more information or if you want to register on the adoption waiting list, please use the form.
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